Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixtape #1: Flash Games


Here's an idea I've had floating around my head ever since I saw it on Terry Cavanagh's blog: video game mixtapes. Ten games, none of which will take longer than ten minutes to complete and all of which are worth your time. Give 'em a look, and I'd love to hear any of your thoughts in the comments.

TRACK 1: Today I Die by Daniel Benmergui
TRACK 2: Pyschosomnium By Cactus
TRACK 3: Super Press Space to Win Action RPG 2009 By Rhete
TRACK 4: Dys4ia by anna anthropy
TRACK 5: Thirteen Gates by Ian Snyder
TRACK 6: Asphyx by Droqen
TRACK 7: Hero's Adventure by Terry Cavanagh
TRACK 8: Lim by Merritt Kopas
TRACK 9: Freedom Bridge by Jordan Magnunson
TRACK 10: The End of Us by Chelsea Howe and Michael Molinari

If you still want more, here's Terry Cavanagh's "Introduction" mixtape. Also, no matter how much I play Super Hexagon I will never, ever remember how to spell "Cavanagh" without looking it up.

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