Sunday, December 14, 2014

Frog Adventure

New game! Give it a play over hereIt's a short platformer that I've worked on and off on for the past few months. There're a lot of little touches and neat mechanics in it that I'm proud of, and it feels like a natural evolution of the ideas in Ants: A Love Story and Operation K.A.T.B.

I feel like I'm getting better at making these short, design-focused games. It's like I'm engaging with all of the design stuff anna anthropy writes about, and I frequently found myself comparing Frog Adventure to her smaller, more mechanic-y games while making it. The design textbook she wrote with Naomi Clark influenced me a lot, and I'm thinking more about what I want to accomplish with my games as tiny little works of art.

Frog Adventure was also heavily influenced by Rhete's first game, The Adventures of MikeMan 2. I think that game is worth a play, as well as his fantastic later work like Super Xalaxer and Hunters: Relic of the Stars.