Monday, May 20, 2019

Small May Update

I've been up to a few things!

1) I recorded two Let's Play videos with my friend Austin Howe, one of Castlevania (NES), and one of Castlevania: The Adventure. I love Castlevania to bits, and I've deeply enjoyed having an excuse to play and talk about the games at length.

2) I published a small story in the Fate/stay night universe on Archive of Our Own. Throwing this together was a joy and really energizing creatively; I'm excited about writing, for the first time since wrapping up Afterward. (Also I'm now officially a Hugo-nominated author!)

3) I abandoned the Bitsy game I was working on. This was the first time I've been working on a game and realized I didn't actually like the story I was telling. It was an unsubtle vent-game about a real life conflict I went through, and something about the perspective just felt ugly.

I like the original pixel art I made though! Please enjoy it devoid of the context that made me feel bad: