Thursday, November 26, 2015

Complete Timeline of My Work

(EDIT (11/16/2021): I think I'm finally ready to retire this list and keep things updated elsewhere. You should be able to find all my new work using the Overview page.)

One of my favorite little pleasures is discovering an artist and pouring over their body of work. It's fun to see the little arcs their output takes over time. Often this requires a kind of make-shift archaeological approach, since many artists don't take pains to preserve their old work.

I've been posting stuff on the internet for many years now, and I've built up a significant backlog. I like to think some people may take interest in those little arcs in my work. So here it, as complete a timeline of my oeuvre as I can put together, including a few collaborative efforts.

Obviously I don't stand by all of it now -- the glowing Other M review is a particularly aggravating stain -- but it all speaks to the person I've been, am, and will be.


The Sockcast Podcast Began 4-28-2021
World Revolution Podcast Began 10-12-2017


Wayward Writing 7-23-2021
Facets v1.1 Update Games 7-23-2021


SMPS Game of the Decade List Writing, Podcast 7-29-2020


Stuck Games 12-3-2019
Expanse Games 8-5-2019
Saber's Mark Writing 7-26-2019
A Technical Rundown of Facets’ Bosses Writing 7-12-2019
Caster's Gift Writing 5-17-2019
Let's Play Castlevania: The Adventure Videos 5-5-2019
Let's Play Castlevania (NES) Videos 3-3-2019
Afterward Games 2-14-2019


My Wish For You Games 12-5-2018
Facets Games 7-24-2018
Notes on Trails in the Sky FC's Pacing Writing 4-2-2018
Things That Aren't Real Writing 3-18-2018


Atop the Witch's Tower Games 6-12-2017
Kikai Games 5-13-2017
Her Lullaby Games 2-14-2017
Solutions without Problems Writing 1-19-2017


Let's Play Don't Look Back Videos 4-2-2016
Let's Play Sonic Adventure Videos 3-20-2016
Let's Play Super Hexagon Videos 3-11-2016


The SnS Clubhouse Podcast 8-18-2015
Hummingbird Lovers Psychic Supernova Games 7-13-2015
The Top Generation 5 Games Ever Writing, SMPS 6-25-2015
How SaGa 2 Tells a Beautiful Story Writing, ZEAL 4-3-2015
Let's Play Darkfate Videos 3-9-2015
Let's Play Romancing SaGa Videos 3-2-2015
Midnight Ramblings on Chrono Trigger and Fate Videos 2-16-2015
Let's Play For the Frog the Bell Tolls Videos 2-9-2015
Let's Play Super Mario Land Videos 2-2-2015
Let's Play Kirby's Dream Land 3 Videos 1-26-2015
Let's Play Monuments of Mars Videos 1-19-2015
The Maturity of Zelda II Writing, Clickbliss 1-16-2015


2014 Game of the Year List Writing, SMPS 12-22-2014
Frog Adventure Games 12-14-2014
Operation K.A.T.B. Games 9-20-2014
Ants: A Love Story Games 8-25-2014
#welovegamedevs Writing 8-22-2014
Effective Drama in Videogames Panel Summary Writing, IGDA 8-1-2014
Let's Play Problem Attic Videos 7-13-2014
Let's Play Super Xalaxer Videos 7-6-2014
Let's Play A Night in the Woods Videos 6-24-2014
Let's Play La La Land Videos 6-14-2014
Effective Drama in Videogames Panel Videos, IndiE3 6-11-2014
IndiE3 Week and anna anthropy's emotica Writing 6-9-2014
Dance Party Games 6-8-2014
Mega Man 2 (NES) Review Writing, Nintendo Project Resumed 5-23-2014
I wanna be the very best Writing 5-20-2014
Designing Drama - Fugitive Postmortem Writing, ZEAL 5-15-2014
Top 10 Games of 2013 Writing, SMPS 01-01-2014


The Top 129 Game Boy Games Ever Writing, SMPS 12-22-2013
Into the Vortex Games 12-21-2013
Mother 3 and Abstraction Writing 12-7-2013
Fugitive Games 11-1-2013
Super Xalaxer (Browser) Review Writing 8-22-2013
Let's Play Summer School 2013 Videos, SMPS 07-23-2013
Quarantine Games 5-16-2013
Mixtape #1: Flash Games Writing 4-24-2013
Antichamber (PC) Review Writing 4-21-2013
Ni no Kuni (PS3) Review Writing 4-9-2013
Anna Plays Mega Man X for the First Time Videos 3-25-2013


Top 10 Games of 2012 Writing, SMPS 12-31-2012
The Top 153 Genesis Games Ever Writing, SMPS 12-22-2012
Mega Man X Minimalist Playthrough (Unfinished) Videos 8-8-12
Let's Play Summer Blockbuster 2012 Videos, SMPS 07-21-2012
Iji (PC) Review Writing, SMPS 06-10-2012
Let's Play Springfest 2012 Videos, SMPS 03-18-2012
Battle with Magus (8-bit Famitracker Cover) Music 2-22-2012
Lava Reef Zone (8-bit Famitracker Cover) Music 1-19-2012
Descent into Hell (8-bit Famitracker Cover) Music 1-16-2012
F-Zero: Big Blue (8-bit Famitracker Cover) Music 1-14-2012
Silent Hill 2 (PS2) Review Writing, SMPS 01-05-2012


Top 10 Games of 2011 Writing, SMPS 12-31-2011
Let's Play Fall Funtacular 2011 Videos, SMPS 11-01-2011
Silent Hill (PSX) Review Writing, SMPS 09-15-2011
Let's Play Summer Olympics 2011 Videos, SMPS 08-05-2011
Top 10 Cartoons of All-Time Writing, SMPS 07-31-2011
Princess Tutu Review Writing, SMPS 07-01-2011
Mega Man X3 (SNES) Review Writing, SMPS 01-25-2011


Metroid: Other M (Wii) Review Writing, SMPS 10-25-2010
Battletoads (NES) Review Writing, SMPS 08-03-2010 


Ahriman Games 12-11-2009

Friday, November 13, 2015

Psychic Hummingbird Lovers Supernova

Anna and I made a new game! You can play it right here. We released it back on July 13, so now it's finally recorded here for posterity. It's about two cute birds that love each other a whole lot bouncing around the solar system together.

The movement is mouse-based, the first game I've worked on that involves the mouse at all. I coded up the motion mechanic several months earlier, then in just one night Anna helped me work it into a nice little story. I hope you enjoy it!

ZEAL Article on SaGa 2

I wrote a new piece for ZEAL! Well, new when it was published back in April. It's a piece on the classic GameBoy RPG Final Fantasy Legend II, the second game in the SaGa series. It's a beautiful game, and I'm proud to have written about it for a site as valuable as ZEAL.

You can read my piece here.

ZEAL also has sublime works that discuss the first and third SaGa games, both by the site's creator Aevee Bee. ZEAL is a vital resource, and is well worth supporting on Patreon.