Overview of My Work


If you like dark games with a strong focus on story, I recommend Her Lullaby and Facets. If you enjoy them, be sure to check out their follow-ups!

If you like challenging action, I recommend Fugitive, Kikai, and Expanse.

If you like games that are cute and not too hard, I recommend Frog Adventure, Spider's Hollow, and Atop the Witch's Tower.

You can play all these and the rest of my games over on my itch page.


I record the Sockscast every few weeks with my friends Rhete and Polly. It's a chill, informal media podcast where we talk about games, anime, and whatever else we've been into lately. I've also recorded some RPGMaker game deep dives with my friend LeeRoy Lewin.


Here's a spreadsheet of my games crit and fiction writing over the years. 


I have a youtube channel. It's mostly made up of casual unscripted games crit videos, Famitracker covers, and some retro game clears. 

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